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A drawing of a black and white cow eating grass.
A blond woman sitting down. She is wearing a colorful sweater the resembles a city, grass and a blue sky. She wears blue jeans, a brown bag, yellow sunglasses and a colorful scarf.
Drawing of a Parisian styled table with three blue chairs. On the black table there is a red and a white wine glass and green menu with gold letters.
A drawing of blonde woman walking with a big smile on her face. In her arms she’s carrying a big bouquet flower. She is wearing a blue jeans dress, yellow socks and light blue sandals.
A woman dressed in a green long jacket and a beige scarf. She has short, blonde curvy hair and is holding a black bag I her left hand. You can’t see her face because the hair flows infront of it. The background is dark green.
A drawing of a white swan swimming in a lake. The swan is centered off the photo and the water around it is a mix of green, blue and turquoise.
A drawing of bouquet of flowers in a transparent vase against a lime green background.
A grey dog who licks his own face while looking away from the camera. Around his neck is a crocheted neckless in the form of hotdogs.
A drawing of a woman holding a black cat who look directly at us. We don’t see the woman’s face since her back is turned to us. She is wering a white jacket and her dark brown hair is tied into a braid with a dark blue scarf at the end.
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