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Malmö Konsthall

Branding, Art Direction,
Web Design


Malmö Konsthall

Pauline Loroy





A new and improved design for Malmö Konsthall website were the misson was to design and develop a  website that ensure all users have equal access to information and functionality. The website support visual, hearing, cognitive and physical impairments by implementing inclusive web design features such as scalable text sizes, keyboard navigable content, text alternatives for images, bilingual, screen-reader operative.

A picture depicting the home page for Malmo Konsthall. In the middle there is a painting by the artist Mamma Andersson that depicts 8 women on a sofa drinking coffee and smoking around a coffee table.
A picture depicting six different landing pages of the Malmo Konsthall website. The different pages show information about the Mamma Andersson exhibition, how Malmö Konsthall works with accessibility, a separate page for sign language and upcoming exhibition.
A picture depicting a collage of different photos of art and exhibitions that have been presented at Malmö Konsthall during the years. Underneath the collage there is a smal information text about the art gallery. In the background of the webpage there is a grid pattern.

The accessibility adjustment menu is designed to address accessibility requirements relating to the UI, design, and readability of your website by enabling users to modify your site’s design to meet their individual needs. Source 

A photo of an accessibility adjustment menu which is design to address different accessibility requirements.
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